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Helping the Hurting

More than a slogan, we at Solid Rock Daycare really do care for the whole person - spirit, soul and body. Our concern is not limited to those in our back yard, but our hearts of compassion extend around the world. To that end, we contribute a portion of our proceeds to helping needy mothers and children around the world.

SRDC has recently partnered with Samaritan's Purse, a worldwide humanitarian charity, in the following areas:

  • "Operation Christmas Child"

  • "Care for Mothers and Infants"

  • "Help Protect Vulnerable Women"

  • "Loving Care for an Orphan"

  • "Warm Clothing and Shoes"

  • "Rescue Children in Crisis"

  • "Children with Disabilities"

  • "Help Prevent Human Trafficking"

  • "Save a Child's Life"

  • "Introduce Girls and Boys to God’s Word"

More information can be found at

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